crum bumpular, stacks

it couldnt have been avoided
its the kind of thing that couldnt have been avoided

girl, you know
nothing ever works

dont forget how good our skin looked
never the sort of thing youd actually say
but still

im not worried about Those Other Guys
im not in the least bit concerned about whats going on down the street after dark

you cant just go around doing things you know youll be ashamed of later
ask me later and ill know why
right now, i dont know why

cover your ears. those big mitts oughta do
youve got some sort of job to do, just try and remember what it is
everyone does all these things
all the things there are to do, we all do them with varying degrees of whatever you like
you could take solace in that, if you wanted

for the record, ive never been addicted to anything
except everything, all at once all at the same time
in a big crescendo of Pretend
its never going to be like that again, but so what who cares whats the big idea
"ill never be young again ill never be young" nevermind

so how do i stay so slim?
i dont desire, i dont crave
i dont open my eyes or hear the news or smell the papers or the flowers or the paper flowers
i just sit here and i just wait for something, just something, and its always just worked out pretty well so i just dont see what the problem is......................