i feel yellow? is that normal!

girlz be gettin hard at the roller rink
they be felchin in the kitchen sink
transmogrifyin til its pink
i think i want to touch it

im not a slut
im just in love
rub back and forth
and pop that scuzz
its overrated
says the fuzz
just concentrate on homework

at a time like this?
ill take a shit all over your piss
and blow out your birthday candles
my stomach is full of animals

that once lived and breathed
until i squeezed
the life out of their dumb little knees
and made ice cream soup out of their poop

the kind of gloop
that goes 'bloop bloop'
ive gone so low i cannot stoop
but i dont feel like it anyways

Dear Eric,

I don't get it. This may sound fickle, but you used to be a lot cooler than you are now. I just wanted to let you know that all the guys down at the dock hate you and think your face looks stupid this year.

Get out of my dreams and into my car,
Donny Trevino
Local Union #664

im fine just fine just fine im fine

i shiver like a milkshake
quivering in my boots
my socks are wet
my feet are cold
my brain is in cahoots
with some loser's inner demons
the ghosts that hurt the most
the kind that make you want to cry
tears made out of goats

the end.


Dear Eric,

I love you poetry. Will you marry me? I don't have much but I can offer you five hots, a cot, and a shot in the mouth. My sons also have a few remote control cars and an old transistor radio, if you're into A.M. They're good boys, a little on the chubby side but that's nothing to worry about these days. Let me know soon. My husband is a very stern man and will be home by 5.


Jim Hendrickson
Senior VP, Marketing
Camco Industries Inc.