jazzy beef, the adorable motherfucker i never liked

some righteous playing by a jazzy great,
one day
you will see me in the light

its the sex that youre not having, mother
fucker of mothers, conceiver of brothers,
that inbred sense of self righteous indignation
when will people ever learn
to learn to love the love they learned a long time ago
they could learn to live without

it may have seemed like a good idea at the time
before i changed my mind
our schedules will overlap
and we'll have nothing but time
to kill
to stroke, and suck, and swallow our pills
and watch each other pay our bills
ive never liked this city

contemplate the contempt with which
one has been taught to resent the present
i had a dream about a red panda
it was adorable
but you wont see that on the five o'clock news
will you?

do you think im pretty?
yes, oh my god, hunny you are so gorgeous
im not handsome like the others, im a homely strumpet for certain
no, sweetie, really, youre prettier than me
you are not just saying that, are you?
no, darling, you are most beautiful girl of town

he grieves with little provocation, one might say
good grief
this whole sentiment smells like
roast beef
the porn star name i never used...

greasy wet gold lust

shes the kind of kind kindling that
kind of

you know,
the kind of kindhearted kindergartner
that, while grounded, kindly grinds
and whispers
and sneaks peeks daintily through
the stained glass mausoleum
of your pyramid-scheming,
gold-lusting nipple vesicles
those greasy wet chest testicles
the bladder-like, fluid filled sac
of pustular mischief
that turned my stern taciturn silence
into green, green ambient noises
punctuated by harp strings and echoing sines

ill admit it
i dont get it
any of it, at all
ive been walking from one gallery to the next
nodding my head in agreement
all the while stalling for time
trying to think of something to say
or do
and nothing comes out
i have nothing to offer at this very moment
because im just not feeling it
it being this
and this being whatever this is


practice the half-smile in the lotus position, or dont

as the scene is set
its golden, shimmering
gleams and sweats

it seems
as it has before
that these days weve all got a case of the
nosy neighbors
but you must have seen something you liked

and the eventual response,
'the blueishness of it all...
startling, startles me'
the answer, of couse, positive smoke

if you must know, our son
is an absolute embarrassment
she lights a cigarette for some reason
he just wants to shimmer so hard
it makes my head spin!
snorkeling in my bathwater?
not under my skylight

keep it velveteen
honey bean
hes under the spell of a foxy piece of
shit and
your legwarmers are getting hot
enough to turn yourself into
your heaviest

you know?
its just not the same as
it used to seem

upon her exit, she spits the butt onto the carpet
and whispers
if everyone would just learn to suffer
with a little more style and grace
i would feel so much better
about my own


Faux-Scientific/Spiritual Musings Vol. 1

This dying star is about to collapse in on itself
Anything that falls inside the event horizon
Will get sucked and fucked
Into the singularity

Now I'm seeing multiple images of the same star
As I fuse elements
And produce energy
And hum to myself
And think about Roxanne and Hawaii
And my leg hurts

I'm still trying to find that spark
That made me fall in love with myself
All those years ago
And even though I'm turning gray in various ways
I'm still content 12% of the time
And I understand that's a significant ratio

I read a comment on youtube once
"It's gay to want to be happy all the time"