practice the half-smile in the lotus position, or dont

as the scene is set
its golden, shimmering
gleams and sweats

it seems
as it has before
that these days weve all got a case of the
nosy neighbors
but you must have seen something you liked

and the eventual response,
'the blueishness of it all...
startling, startles me'
the answer, of couse, positive smoke

if you must know, our son
is an absolute embarrassment
she lights a cigarette for some reason
he just wants to shimmer so hard
it makes my head spin!
snorkeling in my bathwater?
not under my skylight

keep it velveteen
honey bean
hes under the spell of a foxy piece of
shit and
your legwarmers are getting hot
enough to turn yourself into
your heaviest

you know?
its just not the same as
it used to seem

upon her exit, she spits the butt onto the carpet
and whispers
if everyone would just learn to suffer
with a little more style and grace
i would feel so much better
about my own