the old timers called it 'cabin fever'

i am calm!
im perfectly calm!
im perfectly perfect
having previously perfected the art
of perpetrating perfection
perfectly in all directions

you think you know me steve?
you dont know shit
you wouldnt know shit if you tasted it
you wouldnt know love
if it hit you on the back of the neck
and slid down the small of your back
into your sweats

i want to hold you so close
i want to put my love of you into everything
i do
i want a lot of things all at once sometimes
and sometimes
it just doesnt
seem like
the right thing
to do

these waves,
can you hear them?
can you smell these smells and feel them?

ive only got a few more minutes left,
relatively speaking
and relatively speaking
its all relative

you know?
you dont?
or you do?
you do or you dont?

you are something
but not something else
thats a special label that i reserve
for someone else
but relatively speaking, you are
so here we are
back at the start

i wonder whats on tv...



Totally Haunting

The older you get
and the colder you grow
you're likely to find that
the most reliable companion
is a sturdy sense of no-nonsense bookishness
A stern demeanor
and an underwater grave
of impractical desires cased in cement

A third eye made of Plexiglas
and a wooden soul
An inner child with no friends except its own parents (?)
Haunted by imaginary ghosts
The real kind
That real kids
Are really afraid of

For real

I just want to swim

I heard it said once
Just want to stare at the sun
and eat grease
And fuck myself
until I am one with the universe and all things

Something about fractal patterns...

and then they trailed off

I've been told it doesn't work that way
But I've been told a lot of things
I'm not sure what I believe