replace the word God with Universe
now you believe in God (the Universe)
and now you're doing the Godly things (Universal things)
so much, all the time

now what
relax and try to concentrate
remember those hills? focus on the un-visible patterns
and undulate

why cant adults use their imaginations?
and is this a problem

back up in that bacchanalia
discern without deciding
delineate from within the withered
revealed: a flaccid complex i just dont have time for right now

recidivist bitch, recalcitrant cunt
the source of rage is the inability to/lack of control
there has to be a rule
if there isnt one, make on up
there has to be a better way.

on your way up
dont forget me
etch my likeness onto the foot of your dull grave
carve a stick figure caricature of me into your costco coffin
and just
So many times I couldnt see the good in this wonderful world
its shameful to admit
but theres today, and tomorrow
and thats not just something. its everything

whatever you deserve, its yours without exception

One day this will all make sense
and we will collapse and weep at the absolute and ultimate beauty of it all

but for now, were all confined to scanning a finite space
thinking one thought at a time
not knowing each other
a test for souls like ours, but not an impossible one

have faith and hope for the best

thats all you can really do in bodies with minds
but its not so bad
if you dont forget to look for the good

an Adult

Can you imagine
ive always been myself

Is it any wonder
its always the same, but different
for as much as youve loved
you will have lost

this was always part of the deal

a simple fact
accept it & dont be bitter

nobody likes a quitter

am i vibrating?

ive swam before
ive stood underneath the sun and roared
and ive sworn id never give up again
but i was young
and didnt understand
that as you age, things just keep getting taken from you
and taken
until theres nothing left