some dudes id

whether my desperate theatrics amuse you or not is beside the point
i am undistinguished and it's tearing me apart inside

accolade me, someone, please
i dare not dream of a world in which i am underappreciated

bestow upon me thine highest honors
emeritize my ass
i've got what it takes
if you're so smart, why don't you know that already

what i'm saying is, the trick to getting older is realizing you're not special
and thriving in this newfound state of obscure mediocrity
but here's the thing
i am totally special
and i deserve all the nice things

so gimme gimme gimme


more advice

it's ok to enjoy being miserable, it's a form of 'enlightened self-interest'
just make sure you take breaks and drink plenty of water
and don't tell anyone. ever.