where are all the rats tonight
where do they go when they are unseen
are they safe

as the their host
are we setting a good example for them
take care of all the little furry ones
they are our true legacy

do they ache for a golden beam of light
a true gospel
and a brand new sound
or just a piece of cheese and a warm place to sleep
rats have feelings too

the rat messiah appears
to redeem the faithful
no humans allowed
its alright, we've been passed over before
and will be again, and again
for now, the chosen rodents have their day

the meek shall inheit the earth
we will all get what we deserve


it's been years and years

You too can feel beautiful
it doesn't have to be real

relapse into past patterns

You don't have to learn from your mistakes
if you don't want to

in joyous rapture

You've felt this way before
even if you can't remember it

this can all be yours

You're all you've ever needed
release your favorite part of your soul

and learn to love yourself in spite of your humanity