im fine just fine just fine im fine

i shiver like a milkshake
quivering in my boots
my socks are wet
my feet are cold
my brain is in cahoots
with some loser's inner demons
the ghosts that hurt the most
the kind that make you want to cry
tears made out of goats

the end.


Dear Eric,

I love you poetry. Will you marry me? I don't have much but I can offer you five hots, a cot, and a shot in the mouth. My sons also have a few remote control cars and an old transistor radio, if you're into A.M. They're good boys, a little on the chubby side but that's nothing to worry about these days. Let me know soon. My husband is a very stern man and will be home by 5.


Jim Hendrickson
Senior VP, Marketing
Camco Industries Inc.