What's the point of even owning a TV anymore?

I had a dream about Vancouver
You were there
We went to Chuck E. Cheese and stole the hot sauce
I dared you to drink the whole thing
You laughed with your eyes and told me to go first
So we did it at the same time
I've never seen so many ghosts so fast

Stick to the rainbow road and you'll see stars
Said LSD Cosby
So that's what we did…

And we saw voices
And heard colors
And rode the orgasmic dolphin
Like we'd put a quarter in its blowhole

I laughed til I coughed up red
And you drank milk til it shot out your nose
And I think I may have loved you for a minute back there

We both agreed we hadn't had this much fun
Since God knows when
So we asked him
And he told us to stay in school

But that sort of thing is like going to the movies, or sex
Or eating at McDonalds
It's really only fun with someone else

Being a 'party of one' can be a little too real sometimes
And if your thoughts race as much as mine do
You'll find yourself needing something
…to slow your head down

So to answer your question
That's why I could never be one of these people
Who doesn't own a TV