cuddle fortress

If my ultimate goal is to grow, to self-improve
to Benjamin Franklinamatize™ my human being
i'm going to need a pair of telescopic lenses

because my eyes simply won't do

they're fine for a man
but have you seen men lately?
no thank you
i've got bigger plans
i don't have time to worry about when things close
or where things are
or any of these things

i'm going to need an iron-clad breast plate
so i don't get shot
cause people are jealous

i'm going to need a lot of really cool friends
so they can get me into the places i want to be
maybe ill check myspace

i'm going to need to be able to sit still
and dedicate large amounts of time to doing things I don't want to do
cause shits gotta get done, yo

i'm going to need to get really, really, patient
and learn to smile and nod
cause people are going to give me a hard time, some of the time

i'm going to have to learn to not get scared
even when things are scary
i dont know about you, but things get pretty scary for me sometimes

i'm going to need a place to live
so im going to need money
and clothes to wear, and something to drink
and music
and pizza once in a while, and maybe some videogames or picture frames or a car

i'm going to need a lot of things
and i think everything i need
will be easier to get
if i just

stay calm







and ..........................................

I'll figure it out