no more troubled romantics antics

i went to a summer camp once
lets say i was ten
the counselor told us that anything was possible
we just had to believe it for ourselves
and try real hard
he asked us what we really wanted to do
a kid raised his hand
he told us that he wanted to fly
like, not with a plane
with his body
(there was some confusion over this)
a space jam era white child fantasy

the camp counselor told him this was impossible
he was met with indignant cries
'but you said'
'i know what i said, but'

maybe he should have just encouraged him
either way, would have been interesting

instead, we learned about the natives that once roamed these great lands
their proud, noble ways
they used every part of the buffalo
before the white man brought the funk

i went to a high school named after one of these types
hes not with us anymore
but im sure hes proud of us all