clean addictions

cold check it
this shits electric
the type of clean fun
thats fast and hectic

i long for the kind of moral relativism they taught me in school
the kind where everyones right all the time
until someone loses their temper or overgeneralizes, that is

theres no excuse for rudeness

im mostly in it for the feelings
i like to see how i feel
and try and understand how other people are feeling
you feel me?

we'll all go far if we remember to respect our older brothers
honor our fathers
care for our husbands
and obey our masters

it feels pretty great.

ive got birthday girl syndrome
its a bad case
i want everything i want and i want it now and ive got a reservoir of crocodile tears ready to flood the nile and break the levees of any boys brazen enough to fart out my candles

tonight, im my own scented candle
im a golden ratio
a factorial!
princess sparkles, dressed to the nines
pretty in pink and hot to trot
so get out of my sight, 'nless ya wanna get

ima make the rubble bounce