triangular hamster

i remember when all this horrible nastiness started
with an upset stomach
and a brown banana
a smartly pressed frock
and a neatly tied bandanna
an upside down pyramid
in which lies the hollowed out corpse
of hannah montana

organs neatly placed
in their correct places
organ transplants
now include faces

how about that?

we all do things we regret sometimes
dont we?
i do
im planning on it, actually

actually, im making plans
(unconciously maybe, but plans are plans)
to ingrain these bad habits
deeper and deeper
simply because
my fingernails feel
against these itchy red flakes

my temper tantrums
soothe my tender little diapered soul
and even though my mother
is miles away
from home
i scream at the top of my lungs
in the gentlest of ways

because im a gangsta
and i never had a shit to give
or a fuck to care about

naw im just playin