I want fur
Nobody elses, my own

The difference between what I thought I wanted
and what actually took place
It began with a tiny itch
A hairline tickle fracture pleading to be scratched
To be dissolved in relentless, unconditional pressure
Simply to be released in a spasm of self-indulgent body rubbing

I'll be that guy. I don't care.

In perpetual motion, I writhe
Squirm and flagellate
Forever, in a lukewarm void
Of clean feeling grass
The kind that squirrels like
The kind they've always liked

I have an inkling that a certain kindness
Has arrived
That simple recognition isn't enough
You have to move

To gain a certain satisfaction

One must transcend all of this
Hip hop sign language
It can't be penetrated or risen above
There's a trick to it
Ask your mom
If she doesn't know what you're talking about
Just start by sitting still

What kind of a freak-a-body adapts to such a constipated state
Where the concept of everlasting life sounds like a good idea?
There is no money in sleep
You can't drive an S.U.V. and shoot your neighbors dirty looks while you rest
Dreams manifest themselves
You can't choose your nightmares
I just wish I had more